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“I normally buy just enough for my needs but when I saw that they were giving out free holiday stays I became very excited. So I bought 12 boxes of lenses & got 6 holiday vouchers! Usually we have to spend quite a lot when we go on holidays, especially when we stay in hotels. But now the cost is minimal and my entire family can holiday together!”


“I was planning to go on a holiday so when I saw this promotion. So this was just perfect! Now I am going for holiday at a very low cost. I am thrilled!”

Lee Sen Wan

“I’m very happy to receive the holiday voucher. I prefer this free accommodation voucher as it is much more exciting for me”

Haniah Hassan

“I was very happy when I was told by the sales person that I will get a free voucher. This type of free gift is more meaningful than a discount although that’s more straight forward”

Chong Yuen Ching

“I was so happy and excited when receiving this voucher. I prefer this type free gift/incentive, especially a Free Holiday Accommodation”

Tang Soo Yang

“I am so glad and lucky to have received this voucher. I feel receiving a free gift like this is much better as compared to a discount.”

Chai Wen Chuong

“A very good offer! It’s really worth it to buy a phone and receive a holiday voucher as a gift”

Theva Kumar

“Truly a surprise, never knew that I could be entitled to receiving a holiday voucher just by purchasing tyres! This holiday accommodation is a very good promotion for me”

Low Khun Keong

“I felt good when receiving the voucher. The holiday voucher is great - with this I have more chances to travel around Malaysia with a reasonable price”

Laura Chella

“It’s Excellent! I bought 3 boxes and I get a Free holiday package. This is a much better reward as compared to a discount. Free Holiday accommodations suit me perfectly as I love to go for vacations. The activation process is also made easy through the web site”

Norzieha Mustapha

“I never imagined that I can get a Free Holiday voucher – it was an Excellent surprise! This kind of free gift is much more attractive than a discount or the normal Buy 3 Free 1 promotions. The process of activation is easy, as it comes with a simple step by step guide on how to activate and use the voucher”

Tan Li Teng

“I was very happy and could not believe that I can get a holiday voucher upon purchasing this product. I prefer to receive this free holiday accommodation voucher as compared to discounts or other promotions as I travel a lot and love going for a holiday. The activation process is easy“

Nur Hanani Mohamed Yunos

“I felt very excited when I got the voucher. For me this kind of free gift is more valuable than a discount or the normal promotions. Just by paying a reasonable price of only RM50, you can go for a vacation! The activation process is quite easy - just log in from my home and activate it, I don’t have to go any specific place to do it. Everything can be done with a click”

Tavanisha Santhirasegaram

“I was very happy when I received this voucher. I feel this kind of holiday voucher is better, because it must be worth more than the normal promotions. Discounts and normal promotions are only a short term incentives, where else a holiday voucher can create many good memories and will be remembered for a long time”

Cheng Hwee See

“This holiday voucher is great as I can use it for the family vacation. I only need to pay a minimal cost for that vacation and having a holiday during the weekdays is more valuable to me as I can avoid the crowd. Activation process is quick and easy”

Ng Pei Chia

"Saya dapat baucer percutian ni apabila membeli HTC tablet di Sutera Mall JB. Saya rasa seronok sekali. Jarang untuk dapat promosi hadiah begini, Saya suka memilih penginapan percuma sebagai reward/hadiad untuk diberi kepada pengguna."


"I bought a LG mobile phone during the PC FAIR. I was quite surprised and felt happy to receive this holiday voucher”

Teo Yien Ying

"I was very excited to receive the holiday voucher"

Haryati Omor


“I was very glad and happy to receive the free voucher. Based on my own survey, the phone is a little bit more expensive, but since I’m getting this voucher together with it – it’s worth the price. For me, I’d prefer a voucher rather than a discount, if it offers good value like this one. I found the activation process quick, easy, and comfortable - can be done anytime and anywhere”

Anas Bin Mohamed Nyan

“I bought the HTC phone at the PC fair and felt very good to be rewarded with this free spa voucher. I’m going to have more fun with this voucher as compared to the normal discounts/complimentary gifts. This kind of attractive gift is out of the norm and is rarely given as an incentive during promotions. I would also like to get rewards like free accommodation, which I feel would be worth equal to the price of the phone. The activation process was easy”

Lee Chun Hau

“I bought the HTC phone during the pc fair in KLCC. I feel that this free spa voucher is a good incentive, It is something out of the ordinary, and can really create excitement. Some of the offers can even be used for two people. Great value for money! It’s cool that you can buy one product and get rewarded with another free product. The activation process was quick and friendly”

David Kumar

"I was so happy to receive this Spa voucher! And from my mother’s and sister’s expressions - they were much happier to receive this voucher as compared to other discounts and promotions”

Hadi Nazron

"Receiving the voucher was very cool! At the time, I couldn’t believe that I could get so many exciting free offers inside the voucher – it really attracted me"

Javad Zare

“I bought the HTC phone during the pc fair in KLCC. I feel that this free spa voucher is a good incentive, It is something out of the ordinary, and can really create excitement. Some of the offers can even be used for two people. Great value for money! It’s cool that you can buy one product and get rewarded with another free product. The activation process was quick and friendly”

David Kumar

“It looks like something very special and fun to have, especially for the offers where you get to go for two (couple). The moment I showed the voucher to my friends, they also became very excited to buy the phone and get this free spa voucher. Besides this spa voucher, I think a free accommodation is also a good incentive to be rewarded with. The activation process was easy. I found this concept a good idea to help promote more business”

Teo Cheng Huat

“I was very excited to get the free spa voucher when I bought the HTC phone during the PC Fair. I think it’s very worth it to buy an expensive product (HTC phone) and in return be rewarded with a valuable & enjoyable gift like this which carries different offers from various outlets.

This helps create more value and higher impact for HTC since we will relate getting to enjoy many experiences from different merchants as a result of buying their phone and receiving the free voucher. I’ll definitely say being rewarded with this voucher as a gift got me attracted to buy this phone. The activation was no problem.”

Norhaliza Binti Jafar

“I bought a HTC phone during the Pc Fair, and received the spa voucher as a free gift. I found this to be something of value and worthwhile to be rewarded upon buying an expensive item (HTC phone). This free voucher is a tremendous gift compared to the normal discounts which are usually done by others. I find online activation better rather than a call”

Nor Syahila


“I was totally shocked and mesmerized with the efficiency and promptness of the staff from Rewards And You. My travel voucher claim was processed the next day and even when I made a mistake on the travel dates, they were kind and polite to point out the mistake. The change was made immediately and the confirmation came back to me within the next day. This shows the staff at Rewards And You has the customers’ needs and thoughts close to them.”

Shiraj Rajendran
IT Technical Senior Analyst, Dell | IS Tools Support Services

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